Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

For Interior & Exterior Applications

100% WaterProof & Washable


Why choose PVC EcoTile & EcoAir products?

  1. EcoTile & EcoAir Work and Last – Everyone knows the ongoing maintenance issues with existing mineral fiber drop ceiling tiles and metal grids & HVAC products: Water Stains, Rust, Bowing, Painting, etc. EcoTile and EcoAir eliminates all of these issues. It is estimated that between 5% and 10% of your total square footage of mineral fiber tiles are replaced annually due to mold, mildew, water stains or damage from handling the tiles. EcoTile will eliminate this waste and annual cost.
  2. New technology and Processes – Our plastic products meet public building codes and USDA/FDA standards. Since 2004 they have been installed in the following commercial facilities: Healthcare, Hospitality, Universities & Schools, Food & Beverage Processors, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Restaurants, Casinos, Military & Government Facilities, Retail Stores, Office Buildings and more.
  3. Improved Designs – Decorative and Custom Designs & Sizes are now available.
  4. Eco-Friendly – We encourage you to recycle EcoTile and EcoAir should you ever remove these products from your facility. Please contact your local recycler who will grind the material and send to a manufacturer to reuse in other products.
  5. Safe - EcoTile contains no Phthalates and no Lead, which is common in many of the competitor tile products and other plastic products.
  6. Washable – EcoTile and EcoAir are easy to clean year after year.

With EcoTile and EcoAir your ceilings will look brand new year after year!